Unbloggable Bits

Continuing with my ‘unbloggable’ theme, here are the most recent things in my life that have made me
laugh/cry/horrified/proud etc. (Sorry in advance for boring you!)

Rather than just saying ‘Da’ (she clearly thinks she’s Russian!) all the time my little lady can now say ‘No’ and ‘Diddy’ (their word for dummy – no idea why :/) with ‘Mummy’ only getting a mention when she’s tired or upset – charming.

We’re at a point where Alex has grown so much she no longer Keep reading…

Life getting in the way…again

I’ve not blogged all week, I’ve meant to, but I’ve not. I haven’t intended to be this lame but it seems to come so naturally!!The babies are fine, have been as well behaved as they could possibly be! Alexa has a cold and about 5 teeth coming through at the same time so you can imagine how much sleep we’re getting – almost like having a newborn again yet even less sleep!!

So what have I been doing? Well, I’ve been Keep reading…

When Pretending Suddenly Feels Like A Bad Idea

Hi – whiny, pathetic, me back again.

I’ve spent months, probably years, always putting on a happy (as much as my face can look it anyways) face and always pretending that everything’s fine, that I’m fine, when in fact it’s not, I’m not, and I’m not entirely sure if I ever will be.

Everyone I know seems to think I’m strong, that I’ve done so well putting all the crap aside that I’ve been through the last few years, that I’m doing Keep reading…

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The Start Of A Meltdown!

Sorry everyone but I feel like I just really need to share this little video of my little man about to launch into a full on strop/tantrum/meltdown. Luckily this time it was over pretty much before it began but usually I’m not so fortunate!

Why was he having a strop? Simply because I told him that I was going to take his photo and send it to my sister to show her how funny he looked with sudocrem all over his Keep reading…

Today Is A Really Important Day!

No, I’m not talking about Valentines Day, I’m talking about POTTY TRAINING DAY 3…

Day 1 – Accident Free
Day 2 – Accident Free

I don’t think I could feel prouder of him than I do right now, he’s done sooo well, I was dreading it for months as I wasn’t looking forward to the bundles of wet trousers and pants that I would inevitably be washing but he’s put me to shame and has been an absolute star Keep reading…

Proud Mummy Alert

The other day I bought my gorgeous little man some pants. Fireman Sam pants to be precise. I was talking to my sister about it and said that I wanted Fireman Sam in the hope that ‘he won’t want to wee on Sam now will he’ …which led to Scott obviously mishearing and then telling anyone that would listen at nursery that mummy wants Fireman Sam’s Willy ,,..erm, no, I really don’t!!

I wasn’t overly hopeful that he’d catch on with Keep reading…

Sex Education For 8yr Olds

I was just going through all the images on my phone trying to clear some much needed space and came across these photos.

I went along with my sister last year to parents evening expecting to be bored senseless and whilst randomly flicking through one of my 8 year old niece’s books I found these. Obviously the child in me (no I don’t mean Alexa as I was preg with her then!!) found them highly amusing and swiftly took some sneaky Keep reading…