Father Christmas In His Winter Wonderland – Marsh Farm

For our final visit to see Santa this year (we really weren’t planning this many, honest!) we went along to Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park in Essex. My sister had booked us tickets for it as a surprise and as I read the itinerary I was practically bursting with excitement because it sounded so great!

When we arrived at the farm we were presented with our Secret Elf Passports which would allow us to take part in all the activities ahead. Keep reading…

Day Out With Thomas…and Santa!

The day they’ve been excited about finally arrived….Thomas day!!!

We went to a Day Out With Thomas day earlier in the year at a different railway but we booked this one as the leaflet said it included Santa and we thought it would be a good treat for Scott and Alex.

We arrived and oh my God it was freeeeezing. We got as far as the entrance before being informed that the Santa part wasn’t actually included and it was going to Keep reading…

Seeing Santa – Again!

We’ve come away for the weekend to give the kids a treat. Tomorrow we’re going to see Thomas (and Santa) so to make it an extra special weekend we came away last night and are staying in a hotel for 2 nights to give all the kids that added bit of excitement.

Today we decided we’d take a visit to Colchester Zoo but on the way we passed a garden centre down one of the side roads we were on. It Keep reading…

Stay At Home Mummy

I mentioned a short while ago that my job would probably be deleted around Christmas, well now it’s all finalised 🙁

As of the end of January I’ll be unemployed for the first time since I got my first job at 14. That’s almost 19 years of working, sometimes having 2 or 3 jobs on the go, and now I’ll suddenly have nothing. I’ve been at my current workplace for 11 years and in the last 6 years they’ve deleted the Keep reading…

Nativity At The Nursery

Today was the nursery Nativity play. It had been planned for weeks and I’d had a letter home a while ago telling me that Scott was going to be a Wise Man (‘yes Mummy, it’s because I AM wise, I’m a clever little boy’) and Alexa was going to be …an Angel ….yep, I choked at that point too! 

I was asked to bring in white clothes for her to make her look more angelic but I really don’t have white Keep reading…

Seeing Santa 2013

So…I was browsing my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday and saw that a local museum would be having a visit from Santa today so I figured it would be as good a day as any to attempt to see him and *fingers crossed* not have any tears this year.

Off we went and the two of them were really excited …all was going well.

But …then we got inside and madam burst into tears and refused to go near him 🙁

It was there Keep reading…