January 19th – 25th 2014

Day 19 – My little angels saying goodnight and blowing kisses at their favourite person (clearly not me!)

Day 20 – Still mesmerised by the Dinosaur Train DVD …think I may have to track down a different one as these 8 episodes are driving me insane!

Day 21 – My little cutie spent her evening laying on the sofa with her feet up on me playing peek-a-boo, not a bad way to spend an evening looking at that little face!

Day 22 – Keep reading…

January 12th – 18th 2014

Okay, I caved! Remembering to actually take a photo each day is hard, remembering to edit it, log in and upload it is even more of a struggle for me! So I’ve done the only thing I can think of and opted for the weekly upload….lazy, I know.

Day 12 – This is what I get to see every day…carnage in the form of Thomas sets all across the floor :/

Day 13 – Madam has taken up ‘reading’, obviously not actual Keep reading…

2 More Weeks!

2 more weeks until I get to be a stay at home mummy (although most that say that at least have a bf/husband that go out to work but sod it!)….and….I’m now really really looking forward to it and feeling ultra positive.

My week started out still feeling up and down about it but a few days at work really sorted that one out for me. First off I had the usual battle of finding a parking space, only 15 minutes Keep reading…

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3 More Weeks…

Soo, I have 3 more weeks left at work. I’m still not sure how I feel. One minute I’m scared, next I’m excited.

Scared that I’ll not be able to cope financially being reliant on benefits, scared the kids will hate me for not being able to go to nursery every day with their friends, scared my anxiety and depression will get the better of me and I’ll end up never leaving the house.

I’m trying to focus on the positives though. Keep reading…

January 9th 2014

Day 9 – My little angel decided she was going to have a strop so I decided to take photos (mean mummy!). I know I’m biased but I still think that even mid strop she’s absolutely beautiful 🙂