E-Cloth Green Cleaning Challenge

Earlier today I received an exciting box. It was a box full of E-Cloth products that I was supposed to receive a month ago but seemingly one of my ‘lovely’ neighbours had made off with it – tut!
Anyways, it was finally in my possession and I was itching to get started on the challenge I had accepted many weeks ago.
The challenge was/is to use only natural products in my everyday cleaning for a whole month …no chemical sprays, creams etc, just Keep reading…

Woooo…I Got One, I Got One!!

As you may know from my previous post, I’ve been in search of a bottle with my name on for a looong time now…over a year is just plain ridiculous…but I finally got one!!

I went into the shop at Colchester Zoo and there ‘Michaela’ was, along with some other crappy names, so of course I grabbed it (and subsequently almost forgot to pay in my excitement!).
I can finally be happy…or maybe start my strop over the fact there’s Keep reading…


I thought I’d been doing really well recently.
I thought that taking all 4 kids to the museum alone the other week and then the little ones to LolliBop last Friday by myself (post coming soon) were huge steps for me in getting past my stupid anxiety that’s been practically controlling me for a long long time.
I thought I was actually getting my head together once and for all and therefore proving my argument to my GPs that me taking tablets to feel Keep reading…

TheCanvasPrints Canvas Review

As I’ve said on more than one occasion, I’ve been a very lame mummy when it comes to putting up pictures of Alexa. I’ve got a bit better the last few months and have a few smaller sized frames around the place but I’ve been looking at getting a big canvas for a long time to fill a gap left by a picture my mum and dad had up but I didn’t like and accidentally broke.
I started looking into buying Keep reading…

Today Was Really Not My Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wish you’d never bothered waking up? Well, today was one of those days for me.
Clearly the fact I have children is a big indicator that I can’t just stay in bed so although I woke up feeling a bit bleugh I got up and carried on.
Scott woke up in a mood (it’s a common occurrence at the moment) and then decided to upset Alexa so I had the two Keep reading…