Made With Love Designs Christmas Cards Review

I recently got offered the chance to receive and review some handmade Christmas cards from Made With Love Designs, and being the stationary and craft loving woman/girl/thing that I am how could I possibly have refused!

They asked me what kind of cards I liked and in no time at all I had a small box through the post containing two very lovely cards.

At first glance I was really impressed, the cards come in a cellophane bag like any normal shop Keep reading…

Vita Coco Kids Giveaway

If you pop by here semi-regularly you may remember I gave you the chance to win a month’s supply of Vita Coco Kids way back in August when I was going to LolliBop.

Well, the lovely people from Vita Coco Kids have offered me the chance to let you win a month’s supply again to help keep your little monkeys happy and hydrated throughout the festive season.

In case you need reminding, Vita Coco Kids is naturally flavoured coconut water and has around Keep reading…

Sickness And Over-Tiredness – The Joys Of Being A Parent!

Ignoring the whole being ultra broke thing, the last few weeks in this house have been horrendous and overtaken by sickness, trips to the doctor and visits to children’s A&E.

I’ve been feeling like crap for a while, my joints and back have been at their worst and I’ve been living on painkillers, then Scott started getting ill. He was having breathing problems, temperature, cough, throwing up everywhere, screaming for hours on end because he ‘hurt’. Getting this little boy to use his Keep reading…

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If People On Benefits Are Supposedly Able To Have Holidays Why Am I So Broke??

Do you ever get the feeling someone ‘up there’ just doesn’t seem to like you?! Well that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Everything just seems to be going wrong and no matter how hard I try it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I was looking at a thread in a facebook group I’m in earlier and there was the usual gripes being aired that people on benefits (single mums in particular in this conversation) were able to just Keep reading…

My Father Christmas Plate

Well, it’s not technically mine is it, it’s his from the babies …is that right? *confused myself!* I was just looking through my Facebook newsfeed and saw some pages advertising some rather shoddy looking Christmas plates and it reminded me about my rather excellent one!

I bought mine 2 years ago (I looked back through my emails and its 2yrs and 5 days actually!) ready for my first Christmas with both Scott and Alexa. It arrived really quickly and because I Keep reading…

Woodpic – Review and Giveaway

Just when I thought there was no other way out there for me to display my photos, I stumbled upon Woodpic.

Woodpic are different from the usual photo printers in the sense that they don’t use paper, canvas, plastic blocks etc ….they use, yep you guessed it, wood! You can get any photo of your choice printed onto 12mm birch plywood, which is sustainably sourced, and what makes it truly unique is that the grain of the wood remains visible through Keep reading…