Summer Crafts With Baker Ross

We were recently sent a box full of goodies from Baker Ross’ summer range. As usual the kids were ultra excited over the idea of having more fun things to make so were ripping away at the packaging before I’d actually had a chance to get photos of everything together!

We’ve spent the last month having fun craft sessions together after school and during wet weekends, it’s always great to see how things end up looking after each child has been Keep reading…

The End Of My #SlimFastChallenge

I’ve completed my two weeks of being on the Slim Fast plan, so how did I do?

At the end of week one I had found it relatively easy.

I had thought it was going to be harder than it was but it was quite easy to just stick to it and only have my meals in the evenings with the kids.

I say it was easy but I have to admit that I didn’t follow plan at all over the weekend as I was away Keep reading…

Growl With The Animals – Parragon Book Buddies

Scott and Alexa love books. They also love making lots of noise. So, when Growl With The Animals – 10 Animal Sounds arrived for them from Parragon as part of their Book Buddies scheme, they were delighted.

The animals featured in the book are: Wolves, Bears, Whales, Dolphins, Hyenas, Toucans, Tree Frogs, Gorillas, Hippos and Lions.

The book is made from thick cardboard making it ultra durable – a very good thing if your children are like mine and insist on Keep reading…

Casdon Little Helpers Ironing Set

This probably isn’t something that a proper mum should admit to but ah well …when this lovely Casdon Ironing Set arrived for us to review my children *might* (okay they did) have asked ‘What is it Mummy? What does it do?’

That’s right, they’ve not seen an ironing board and an iron, certainly not in this house anyway as I don’t think I’ve ironed anything since I was about 16 and my mum ‘made’ me do it. I was always the Keep reading…

Mixing Up Playtime Magic

We were recently set a challenge by BritMums and Petitis Filous to show how we Mix Up the Magic on playdates to make our playtime more fun, just like Petitis Filous have made snack time more fun by creating Magic Squares.

Magic Squares are available in Strawberry & Vanilla and Raspberry & Vanilla and what makes them unique is the way the flavours are combined together in the pot – just like a chequerboard. This means that each flavour can be eaten Keep reading…

Schleich Riding Arena Review

From the moment Alexa set her little eyes on the Schleich Riding Arena, she was a very over excited little girl. She’s recently become interested in horses and ponies so this is clearly the best thing ever as far as she’s concerned.

The Riding Arena is aimed at ages 3+ and comes packaged neatly in its box complete with the following items:
Arena/Shelter – needs to be assembled by putting the legs on but these can also be removed for ease of Keep reading…

CBeebies Swashbuckle Magazine Review

Scott and Alexa love reading (well, looking through!) magazines and watching Swashbuckle on CBeebies, so when I was offered the chance for them to get the first ever issue of the new Swashbuckle magazine of course I said yes.

Whenever Swashbuckle is on tv, both of them get ultra excited and then eventually comes the high-pitched squealing about how great it would be to be on the show …I’m guessing it’s just how I used to be when it came to watching Fun Keep reading…