Escaping The January Blues With Warner Bros

Do you ever feel like just running away from everything? I do, not just from January but constantly, but neither have the finances nor energy to do so.
I’ve not been on here since December due to some personal problems/issues and being so ill and exhausted permanently that I just about manage to stay awake until the kids go to bed, so haven’t really managed to get anything done
Thanks to Warner Bros though I have the ability to ‘escape’ for a Keep reading…

Laugh Your Way Into The New Year #NewYearNewYou

To celebrate New Year and to help rid me of the dreaded winter blues, I’ve been challenged to try something new and watch films I wouldn’t normally reach for.
The following films have been chosen for me and although I’ve seen one of them, I can say I’ve never really been tempted to watch any of the others for no apparent reason at all.

The Wedding Singer – I’ve seen this years ago when it first came out and Keep reading…