Sands Alive Cake Shop

Before Christmas Scott and Alexa were excited to have finally got the chance to get their little hands on a set of Sands Alive Glow by John Adams and were keen to expand their collection. A few weeks ago their wishes were fulfilled when we were kindly sent the Sands Alive Cake Shop to play with.

Inside the box you get:
225g of pink sand, 450g of white sand, a plastic tray, 2 patterned rollers, 3 cake moulds.

Alexa was in her Keep reading…

Puppy Surprise Review

“Surprise, Surprise, Puppy Surprise, will there be 3 or 4 or 5?”
Ha! Bet you sung along to that didn’t you?! Please say you did and that it’s not just me that has a million songs from toy adverts stuck in my head!
As you may have guessed, we were recently sent a Puppy Surprise to play with from Just Play (RRP £27.99). Alexa loves dogs and especially puppies but is allergic to them so having toy versions always makes her a Keep reading…