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Ok, well maybe not ALL about me because, well, that would be extremely boring for you!
*There’s also this post with some bits about me too if you’re that interested, which you shouldn’t be!*

My name is Michaela (or Kay for those that are just simply unable to pronounce my name), I’m 36, live in East London/Essex and am a single mum to two very gorgeous and amazing children 🙂

Scott, my Halloween baby, is my little miracle, in fact it was whilst I was already pregnant with him that my appointment to the fertility specialist came through.
Then 17 months later my gorgeous little princess, Alexa, arrived to complete my little family.

As well as these two I also look after my nieces, Shannon (13) and Alyssa (13) a few days a week after school and during the holidays – which is actually quite good considering I have the same mental age as them!

My sister, the girls and my babies are the only family I have but luckily for me they’re all I need…though a holiday, cleaner etc would make it all a bit nicer 😉


Random Facts About Me:

  • Thanks to a few incidents with an evil goldfish at primary school I’m now utterly terrified of fish – yep, you read right, I hate seeing fish tanks, I refuse to go in the sea in case I see one or one touches me – scuba diving twice when I was on a Greek Island was probably a really bad idea…as was going to the Sea Life Aquarium.
  • I don’t drink tea or coffee, I’m a pineapple juice, flavoured water or Pepsi Max kind of girl. (It used to be Diet Coke but well, Pepsi is cheaper!)
  • On the subject of drink – I used to drink lots (and lots) of alcohol but since having pancreas problems I’m now quite good. I don’t drink when I’m alone with the kids and I never really go out since having them. If I do have a drink now though I’m now a Strawberry & Lime Cider girl instead of the Sambuca, Southern Comfort, Vodka and any other kind of spirit loving almost alcoholic I used to be!
  • I have a thing about stationery – cool pens, pretty paper, post it notes, tapes, notepads, diaries etc get me really excited, like a kid at Christmas only worse!
  • I support West Ham United…well someone has to!!  I used to have both a home and an away season ticket as I couldn’t cope with not going to games. Since having the kids I’ve had to change my priorities and quite frankly leaving them to go to a match each week and also paying out that much money (not that I have it any more) just isn’t right, I’d much rather be with them…well most of the time!
  • I have 11 tattoos, all a bit shite and a product of boredom.
  • I’ve had my eyebrow pierced four times…and ripped out that many times too.
  • I have my tongue pierced, I don’t wear a bar through it that often any more but do find times where I feel the need to crack it back through if the hole has started healing.
  • I’ve forbidden myself to drive after watching programmes like ‘Police Interceptors’. I do not own a Subaru and it’s not legal for me to be putting my foot down and getting excited about going round corners as fast as possible like they do on their training track.
  • Pre children my holiday destinations included Greece, Italy, France, India, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Gambia and Egypt …now thanks to the lack of contact they have with their dad and therefore lack of his passport details and written consent, our holidays will always be restricted to the UK. It’s a little sad to have to think about it and impossible to think up an explanation when Scott is asking when we can all go to Disneyland 🙁
  • I know more than I’d ever wanted to possibly know about Thomas the Tank Engine and My Little Pony…parenthood does have its lows!
  • I’ve had ‘issues’ with depression and anxiety in the past but on the whole I’m in a pretty good place mentally these days. I still have trust issues thanks to attracting the wrong people in my life and I still have a massive lack of self esteem but I don’t totally hate myself anymore and that’s a good start, isn’t it?!
  • You won’t often see photos of me, because quite frankly I hate them – and I look like a man, but I’ll include these just because ‘About Me’ pages are meant to have some :/



*Last updated 16/07/17

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