Meet Alexa, my beautiful little princess 🙂

Caister 2016

 Random Facts About Alexa:

  • Born on 27th March 2012, she’s 17 months younger than Scott but likes to think she’s older than him and can therefore boss him about.
  • She smiles 96% of the time, it used to be all the time but she’s recently managed to develop a rather impressive strop face that she’s taken a liking to using!
  • She also occasionally accompanies the strop face with outstretched arms (zombie style) and whining …fun!
  • She still loves all things Frozen, especially singing along to videos of it on YouTube 🙂
  • She loves dressing up, previous favourites were her Elsa and Merida dresses but she’s outgrown them now and waiting for mummy to get her some new ones.
  • One day she’s ultra girly and wants to wear dresses/skirts and her pretty shoes, the next she’s full on boy wearing Scott’s old clothes.
  • She loves her big brother lots and although she’s the one to be hitting him most of the time, she’s also very protective of him 🙂
  • She has no fear, she’s the one that will be at the very top of a climbing frame within seconds and laughing at the look of horror on your face as you’re rushing over to get her down!
  • She loves cuddles and wants them all the time but only from selected people (me or my sister usually dependant upon who’s told her no!)
  • She is a very loving little girl who is forever telling those she loves that she loves them. If anyone is hurt or upset she will go out of her way to try and make them feel better, she’s amazing 🙂
  • She is following in my footsteps and has a love of stationery and is often found with a notebook and several coloured pens so she can make notes and draw pictures.
  • She loves playing with water, if there’s a puddle that’s where you’ll find her. If she has suddenly gone missing from the front room the first place to look is always the bathroom where she’s found washing her hands/brushing her teeth/splashing water everywhere :/
  • She loves playing with crafting items. If it involves glue, paint, glitter or anything else that can make things look pretty  – or messy – then she’s up for playing with it and having a go.

 Current Loves:

  • My Little Pony
  • High School Musical (or most accurately – Zac Efron!)
  • Baby Annabell
  • Dolls
  • Lego
  • Justin Bieber!
  • Barbie
  • Horrid Henry
  • Sofia The First
  • Disney Fairies and Princesses
  • Minions
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • ..and anything Scott likes.

*updated 01/06/17

2 thoughts on “Alexa

  1. Aww so lovely! She sounds like she would get on very well with Harry, they could run off to the bathroom together lol x

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