Meet Scott, my gorgeous little man 🙂

Scotty Smiling


Random Facts About Scott:

  • He was born on 31st October 2010 and as such now associates Halloween with his birthday. He likes to think that all the Halloween stuff on sale in the shops is purely just for him!
  • On the subject of birthdays, he’s now under the impression that he should have 2 birthdays each year as he can’t fit Adventure Island and any other place he might like to go into just one day!
  • He loves LEGO, my feet aren’t so keen but he loves the stuff and is really good at both building following the set instructions and also just from his imagination. He is forever wanting more and more sets but my bank balance doesn’t allow his collection to grow as quickly as he’d like!
  • His other love, since he was 4, is Minecraft. I clearly don’t get it but he’s obsessed. He watches videos of it on YouTube, plays it on his tablet, Xbox and my phone, has Lego sets of it, his favourite hat is a creeper and his hoodie zips up to turn him into one.
  • The latest addition to his list of likes is Pokémon…yet another thing I have no clue about.
  • His aspirations have changed from growing up to be a train driver to now wanting a gaming PC so he can become a gamer on YouTube and earn his fortune playing games…I thought this kind of thing would have kicked in around his teenage years, not when he’s 7!!
  • He has an incredible memory, not with the usual remembering stuff you’ve promised in moments of madness kind of memory but stuff that even I can’t remember. If you show him one of his toys for instance, he’ll be able to tell you when he got it, where from and who got it for him …it’s a bit unnerving at times!
  • He loves his little sister, even when she’s mean to him. He’s now reached the point where he’ll look at her and roll his eyes at whatever it is she’s doing in an attempt to annoy him.
  • He’s loving and caring, if he thinks I’m upset he’ll be straight over with a kiss and cuddle and asking if I’m ok.
  • He likes to know how things work, he’ll watch and study things until he works out what’s going on. He has an explanation for everything and even if he’s wrong he’ll do his best to convince you otherwise.
  • He seems to have a problem with timescales….it used to be that everything happened either yesterday or 100yrs ago and in terms of things in the future there was no next week or next month, only ‘later’! …now he’s just desperate to be ‘older’ so he can have the cooler Lego sets, be a YouTuber/Gamer etc.

 Current Loves:

  • Lego
  • Minecraft
  • Pokemon
  • Mario Bros
  • Sonic
  • Pacman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Avengers
  • Spider-Man
  • The word ‘turd’ *sigh*

*last updated 22/11/17

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    1. I hope so too 🙂
      With any luck one day we can all go to the same blogger event …though that kinda requires me being invited to one!! Looks like it’ll be an independent meet up! x

  1. I was as shocked as anyone to be invited to my first blogger event recently, you never know! I’m happy to meet independently though 🙂 x

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