Thomas & Friends Fun And Learn Tablet

We recently received a Thomas & Friends Fun and Learn Tablet to play with. Of course, with the word Thomas uttered from my mouth upon opening the box, Scott was right over and grabbing it from me in excitement.

Thomas Fun and Learn Tablet

The tablet is aimed at children over 3 years but I have to admit that I was a little worried that Scott wouldn’t bother with it at all because he has a ‘proper’ tablet to play with…I really needn’t have worried as of course the fact it has Thomas pictures and Thomas themed activities on it kept him interested.

The Fun and Learn tablet requires 3 x AAA batteries which are included so your tablet is ready to start using as soon as you get it out of the packaging (or whilst still in the packaging if my child is anything to go by). Packaging is fairly minimal and is easy to remove, just some twist tabs on the back hold it in place so no need for scissors or a screwdriver.

Thomas Fun and Learn Tablet

Setup is easy and is completed in minutes. Here you can personalise the tablet with your child’s name which will appear within a welcome/goodbye message whenever it is switched on/off. You also choose a favourite object and train which gets used in an animation whenever your child chooses the correct answer during gameplay. Finally you can choose your favourite animation which will be played whenever you turn the tablet on.

There are lots of different games to play and if you haven’t selected one of the game modes, the tablet goes into default mode where it will simply say the letter or number pressed.

In Language Games there are 7 different games where you can see how letters are written, discover words that begin with a selected letter, guess which letter a word begins with, spell a word that has just been shown to you and guess the missing letter in a word, guess the next letter in the sequence and find the lower case letter that corresponds with the upper case one shown.

Thomas Fun and Learn Tablet

In Maths Games there are 5 games where you can be shown how to write numbers, discover numbers and see animations showing the numbers you press, guess the number that has just been shown on the screen, learn addition and count how many passengers are on the carriage.

In Logic Games the 5 games you can match halves, match pairs, pick the odd one out, complete a puzzle and test your memory.

In Games and Music you can guide Thomas through a maze, guide trains into tunnels, race Harold and create music with the piano sequence.

Thomas Fun and Learn Tablet

The games are all fairly easy to work out and Scott was able to play them all with ease. When Alexa first played them she got Scott to help her with a few things but was otherwise ok.

They both love playing with the tablet although I feel Scott is a little old for it now…but Alexa is happy that she’s getting a lot of play time with it. I love the fact that whilst they’re having fun they’re actually very busy learning..just don’t tell them that! With an RRP of £19.99 it is well worth the money…learning is always a good thing!


Disclosure: I was sent the Thomas & Friends Fun and Learn tablet for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are entirely my own.