Baby Annabell Learns To Swim Review

We were recently sent a Baby Annabell Learns to Swim doll to review and it was great because, well, we love Baby Annabell and not so great because it started my child off with her ‘I want to go for swimming lessons, Mummy’ spiel again! It’s not that I don’t want her to learn how to swim, it’s simply a case of not being able to afford lessons right now – agghh!

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Baby Annabell Spring 2017

Christmas is out of the way so that means it’s now time for some new Baby Annabell products. There are lots of great new Baby Annabell products available, some are new and some have been updated for Spring 2017 so I’m sharing some of them here for you to see.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll
Baby Annabell is just like a real baby with realistic sound and movements. The UK’s best-selling doll, she promotes imaginative role play and encourages the development of social skills from a Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Bedroom Review

It’s no secret that Alexa loves all things Baby Annabell so when a new, rather large Baby Annabell package arrived for her to play with she was very keen to get it all unpacked and start playing.  The Baby Annabell Bedroom comes packaged quite simply with an outer cardboard wrap and clear cellophane, it didn’t take long to get open which is always a good thing when there’s an over excited 4yr old bouncing about next to you.

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Baby Annabell Autumn 2016 – New Products Available

Now that Summer has left us it’s time for a new range of Baby Annabell products of course! There are lots of great new Baby Annabell products available now, many are new or have been updated for Autumn 2016 so I’m sharing some of them here for you to see.

Baby Annabell Doll
So cute and weighted just like a real baby, Baby Annabell is the perfect doll for all mini mummy and daddies. With incredibly lifelike functions, Baby Annabell sleeps, drinks, Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat

When we attended LolliBop Festival 2 years ago, Alexa became obsessed with everything at the Baby Annabell stand, especially the Baby Annabell Comfort Seat. She grabbed two, jam packed them with ‘babies’ and then tried to make a run for it with them!

Luckily Santa came to the rescue at Christmas and got her a Comfort Seat all of her own and it’s been used to death since then carrying her babies wherever she goes and leaving her upset when my sister Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll

Alexa is usually the one that has Baby Annabell everything. Scott loves playing along with her and her dolls, he can often be found cuddling them, feeding them and putting them to sleep.  He has a double buggy of his own and a My First Baby Annabell Brother but he’s been wanting a ‘proper’ boy doll just like Alexa’s big dolls for a long time now.

Recently, whilst he had chickenpox, his day was made when a Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Special Care Set

I’d been looking everywhere for a proper hanger for Baby Annabell’s clothes (sad I know!) and then one day I came home to the accessory set of my dreams (I told you before I have no life!).

The Special Care Set comprises of the following items:
A bib, a hat, a pair of shoes, a nappy, a dummy, a bottle, a talcum powder bottle, a cream jar, a teething ring, a vest, a romper and of course my much wanted hanger!

As Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Spring 2016 – New Products Available

As a Baby Annabell blogger, I’m lucky enough to get updates on the latest Baby Annabell products that are available…I say lucky but when I’m stupid enough to look at the documents when Alexa is about and then subsequently have her hanging off my neck whilst squealing ‘ooooh Mummy, you can get me that for my birthday, yes? And that? And that? And…’, well, I don’t always feel so lucky!!
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Baby Annabell Sheep Bed Review

Alexa’s Baby Annabell collection has grown again recently, this time in the form of the Baby Annabell Sheep Bed.

Inside the box, the Baby Annabell Sheep Bed comes in 7 pieces of pink moulded plastic. The pieces don’t feel especially sturdy at first glance but once each piece has been firmly slotted together and the bed is fully assembled it is a nice sturdy little bed.

Like the Baby Annabell Potty, the Baby Annabell Sheep Bed is modelled on, well, the Keep reading…

National Doll Day At The Museum of Childhood

Last weekend we were invited along to celebrate National Doll Day at the Museum of Childhood by the lovely people at Zapf Creation. As Alexa is Baby Annabell’s biggest fan there was absolutely no way I could have turned the invite down.

That day started with both Scott and Alexa over excited about going to the museum, Scott lost his enthusiasm a bit when I told him it was for doll day but he got over it when I told him Keep reading…